Tuesday 5th Tips

  1. Ivory Coast vs Gabon
    3 Way
    Your pick: Ivory Coast1.32
  2. Italy vs Israel
    Over/Under 2.5
    Your pick: OVER1.55
  3. Bolivia vs Chile
    3 Way
    Your pick: Chile1.94
  4. Tabor vs Maribor
    Over/Under 2.5
    Your pick: OVER1.30
  5. South Africa vs Cape Verde
    3 Way
    Your pick: South Africa1.58
  6. Egypt vs Uganda
    3 Way
    Your pick: Egypt1.46
  7. Moldova vs Wales
    3 Way
    Your pick: Wales1.32
  8. Austria vs Georgia
    3 Way
    Your pick: Austria1.44

Choose the games you have confidence in!



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