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Betting tips for the beginner — Best free betting tips!

In betting, as in any other occupation, it is very important to set a goal. No matter which continent you are in Kenya or another country — If you do not have a goal, then you do not have a vector of movement, no reference point, no understanding of what you are striving for and how to achieve it. As practice shows, if a bettor does not have a goal, then everything always ends the same – the situation sooner or later gets out of control, and the bettor loses everything he has. This is especially true for beginners who quickly lose patience after several failures, begin to make impulsive, irrational bets, resulting in bankruptcy.

Betting tips for the beginner – Best free betting tips

To avoid such situations and generally understand what place in your life is betting, we recommend to determine the following aspects

Football betting tips or any another — The first aspect. Level of risk

It is necessary to determine in advance the maximum permissible level of risk. You risk your money, and therefore, depending on the importance of your amount and your ambitions, you have to choose a more or less safe and reliable strategy of the game.

For some betting is akin to roulette. Some bettors initially allocate such a bankroll for betting, which will be a pity to lose, but not fatal. Such bettors do not want to play for months to feel at least some increase in money, they want to win immediately and a lot. As a result, they bet large amounts on very risky events with large odds. That is, betting becomes like roulette – you bet big money on events with a small probability in the hope that you will be lucky. And some – really lucky.

For others, betting is an investment. This is how professionals or semi-professionals play, who know that bets can bring good earnings, if you treat them with intelligence and prudence. The benchmark for such bettors is 10% return on investment. With a really competent game to do, for example, 10% per month is not very difficult (for example, to date, the return on investment of the best expert monturi is pochti40% after 47 rates). Invest 10 thousand euros – get back 11 thousand. Proportionally increasing the bankroll, and increase the potential profit.

In this case, to have a really decent profit, you need to invest a lot of money. Accordingly, the maximum permissible level of risk is small – such bettors rarely allow themselves to load more than 2% of the bankroll on one event, rarely take unlikely events with huge coefficients. This is a more competent and competent approach to betting, but in order to earn something in this way, you need to spend a lot of time betting.

The problem with many beginners is that they are not determined by the level of risk. Most starts with minimal risk and reliable rates, but then breaks (probably realizing that with a bankroll of 1000 rubles cherished 10% per month is neither more nor less than 100 rubles – not the most solid profit) and in agony merges all his bankroll for 2-3 days. Is this the goal you pursue?

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Second aspect. Long term or short term — best betting tips today and tommorow

It is also important to understand how long and hard you plan to play.

If you plan to play for a long time (in this context – at least, not less than a year), then, obviously, your average rate should be no more than 2% of the bankroll, so that after 2-3 unsuccessful days in a row (and they happen to everyone who puts on a daily basis) you are not in a giant minus. At the same time, here you can afford larger coefficients – in case of defeat, you lose a little, in case of victory – you rise well.

If you initially consider betting a short-term hobby, then to feel at least the slightest return on investment, you should put a significant part of the bankroll on more likely events. Although, from the point of view of professional betting, the desire to get rich quickly almost always ends in failure. A good profit obtained at a short distance is possible only with a lot of luck and the ability to stop in time. After all, as a rule, if you bet large amounts (relative to the bankroll), you choose less risky events. That is, bet on favorites. And the coefficients on the favorites, as you know, are almost always underestimated and do not reflect the real probability. That is, betting on favorites, if you win – then quite a bit, if you lose – you lose the amount 4-5 times greater than the profit from the passed rate. And, as practice shows, favorites in modern football stumble more often.

In other words, when betting on favorites, you get a small roll in 99% of cases, because the favorites do not win as often as the proposed coefficients reflect.

Hence, again, it follows: a solid profit in the short term is possible only with great luck and the ability to maintain sobriety of mind. As practice shows, such a combination in inexperienced bettors is rare. Therefore, you need to immediately understand what you want – a small but stable profit over a long distance with minimal risks, or take a risk and try to quickly break a big jackpot.

Third aspect. Limits — my betting tips forever

With professionals, everything is clear – they focus on return on investment in ~10%, and from this build all their further actions. However, most of the clients of bookmakers are people who bet just to get the adrenaline when watching a football match or even have some fun.

And this is absolutely normal. It’s really fun, and you have to pay for it. Some, to experience the thrill, go to 3D-cinemas, others – put in bookmakers. And those, and other pay money for this highly an exciting entertainment.

But, since you are not interested in professional betting (and, we are sure, among the readers of this article such – at least 95%), the most important aspect is the establishment of limits.

First, you need to understand how much you are willing to pay for this pleasure. Betting is a gamble that can seriously drag on. Therefore, before you start, decide on the maximum amount with which you are willing to part for such entertainment. If you do not have the skills of a professional bettor, you will undoubtedly start losing your entire bankroll quickly enough, and therefore it is very important to stop in time. Where exactly is this face «in time» — you need to decide in advance.

Secondly, and it is even more interesting, it is necessary to determine in advance the profit, which is enough for you. When you start to win – also need to be able to stop in time. And when you’re lucky, it’s even harder than when you’re unlucky. That’s human.

What does an Amateur bettor who won 300 euros in a week with 100?

Withdraws money and stops playing?

Of course not. He’s starting to raise the stakes. He begins to feel that he is lucky, he begins to think that he has grabbed God by the beard, that he is the guru of betting. He begins to make bolder bets, increases the odds and the amount of bets. And after a few days he notices that, at best, he rolled back to the same starting 100 euros, in the worst and most common case – that he lost everything.

That’s human. However, if you do not decide in advance on the amount that is enough for you, then you know – you are already bankrupt, the rest is a matter of time.

If you start with 100 euros, then, to begin with, it will be enough to stop at the amount of 400 euros. Hey, man, you’ve increased your bankroll 4 times, you’re incredibly lucky, but isn’t it time to stop? You can, for example, withdraw 200 euros from the account – so you are guaranteed to stay in the black. With the remaining money you can safely continue to play, but even if you lose them – you’re still in the black.

In short, even if you are not a professional, only in the presence of discipline you can earn something. Otherwise – bankrupt, sooner or later.

Aspect four. Discipline — sure betting tips

We will repeat a little, but it is really important. When you start winning, don’t think you’re not winning or brilliant. Remember that winning is easy, losing is even easier. Many professional bettors know that if you are lucky 2-3 days in a row – you need to stop, take a short break, because the variance has not been canceled, and fortune sooner or later will turn away.

At the same time, if you lose – do not panic, do not act irrationally. Yes, you’re losing, but it’s not all lost. Betting, like any other investment – is discipline and patience. If you lose concentration for a second, lose your temper, make stupid bets – and the consequences are irreversible.

Aspect of fifth. Time

Immediately it is necessary to determine the time that it is possible to give betting. Professionals give him at least 6-8 hours a day – not less. If you do not have such time, adjust your actions accordingly. Earn a good amount without having a large bankroll, time and skills is IMPOSSIBLE!

Aspect of sixth. Money — Vip betting tips

For many it will sound funny, but believe me – there are those for whom it is important.

Decide on the amount you can afford to lose. Never go into debt to win. Never put money that is needed for much more important things than betting. If betting is a hobby, then spend only free money on it – like any other hobby.

Always remember: in any of your action laid quite a high probability of error, and therefore you can always lose everything. Therefore, do not play for money, the loss of which will be too painful.

And best of all: set a goal. For example, with 10 euros make 100. Once you reach the goal – remove the profit from the account, and start with the same 10 (well, or 20-30). It’s nice to feel that you are already guaranteed to be in the black.

Aspect of seventh. Interest — Sure betting tips

The last aspect is very important. Many bettors start with great enthusiasm, are very actively interested in betting and everything related to it, spend a lot of energy and time searching for promising bets. However, gradually this enthusiasm begins to disappear.

So — as soon as betting becomes boring and uninteresting, immediately stop betting. Don’t bet for the sake of betting. When you don’t have motivation and enthusiasm, you will definitely lose patience and interest and then all your money. Betting requires enthusiasm – to beat bookmakers, you need to want it very much.

So, here are seven tips for the novice bettor from the BETTING TIPS fro Kenya:

  • Decide how risky your strategy will be;
  • Decide how long you plan to bet;
  • Decide how much you are willing to lose, and what profit you enough to stop;
  • Never lose focus.;
  • Decide how much time you are ready to give betting;
  • If betting is a hobby, then spend on it as a hobby;
  • Stop playing as soon as you lose interest in betting.

Good luck and beautiful victories!

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