sunpel jackpot prediction

sunpel jackpot prediction

Betika sunpel Jackpot  prediction Competition can be played by predicting the correct results of mega- 17 games, which are selected by betika every week.To be eligible to play and win the sunpel jackpot prediction, you must get registered and have at least KES 99.00 in your account. If you correctly predict all 17 match results, you will win the Super sunpel jackpot prediction Prize of 100,000,000.

Make your selections On sunpel jackpot prediction and Competition entry page, make your betika jackpot predictionfor each one of the listed matches (Home Win, Draw, Away Win).Stake amount of each combination is KES99.00. And you cannot make more than one prediction for one match.Check the results after the final whistle of the last betika sunpel jackpot game, all the match results and prizes will be published in the “Jackpot” page under “previous results”.Persons below 18 years are not eligible to participate in the betika Jackpot.

Use sunpel jackpot prediction place betika jackpot bets

Make sure to check all of the selections before you click on “Place Bet” button. Once submitted, the bets cannot be cancelled,amended or refunded. You may place bets until first game kick-off time at Kenyan time.The countdown to the competition’s closure time is clearly shown on the competition entry page.Where one, two or three Jackpot games is/are cancelled,interrupted,abandoned,suspended or postponed,an official public draw shall be carried out within 48 hours from the time of end of the last game of the jackpot,to determine the result of the missing game result.

sunpel jackpot prediction results.

There shall be presence of an authorized BCLB officer at every public draw.If a match is abandoned or postponed from its scheduled date/time but is then rescheduled to take place no later than the advertised kick-off time of the last match on the list,then provided the match is played to completion at the re-arranged time,all selections will stand.In cases we have one or more winners,sunpel jackpot prediction and the betika grand Jackpot prize of 100,000,000 is shared equally among winners.Ensure you do betika jackpot prediction and jackpot analysis before staking.Check jackpot predictions from best website in Kenya.

sunpel jackpot prediction bonuses.

Betika jackpot Bonuses are awarded for 0,12,13,14,15 and 16 correct predictions in cases where we don’t have winner(s), whenever we have a winner(s) no bonuses are awarded. Instances where customers place bets and don’t receive Bet ID’s due to system faults,the jackpot bet amount is reversed back to customer account within 48hrs of last jackpot game played. Winnings are subject to 20% tax deduction

Betika reserved the right to use the names,radio recordings, motion and still images of the winner or winners, for purposes of publicity, marketing campaigns and administering this competition. By entering this competition, players agree that betika and its business partners may use the details provided by the player to contact them about its products and services and for marketing purposes.Betika deposit winners’ money into their player accounts.If the money is in millions,they write a cheque for the winners to withdraw from their respective bank accounts.To increase your chances of winning betika midweek jackpot read our blog on how to win sababisha jackpot

sunpel jackpot prediction double combination.

The Double combination betika Jackpot helps those who have been placing multiple bets on the Jackpot to do this in one bet. Assuming that you are sure all the other games will be away wins apart from the last three games on the Grand Jackpot which you think might be a Home win or a draw for the last three. These are eight separate bets each at Ksh. 99. Now with the Double COMBINATION, you will place one bet GJP#2#2#2#2#2#2#2#2#2#2#2#2#2#2#1X#1X#1X. These will be treated as eight bets in one. The double .combination in this case will cost KES 792, same as playing the bets separately. The maximum number of double combinations are 7 per bet. The total stake with n combinations can be calculated as: 2n x 90.In the example above, 3 Double Combinations were used, and so the total stake is: 23 x 99 = 792/=. Therefore, the total stake amount for a 7 double Grand Jackpot Combination will be: 27 x 99 = 12,672/=.


sunpel jackpot prediction